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Custom Transfer Case Upgraded Heavy Aluminum Rear Case

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Transfer Case Half

Get the replacement transfer case upgraded heavy aluminum rear case that fixes inherent weaknesses built into OEM (original equipment manufacturer) transfer cases that came with the vehicle you have. If your vehicle has one of the following models, your transfer case may end up with oil leaks.

Transfer Case Models Affected:
• NP 136
• NP 149
• NP 236
• NP 246
• NP 261HD
• NP 263HD
• 261XHD (for Allison Transmissions)
• 263XHD (for Allison Transmissions)
Problem Details:
The oil pump pushes oil against the rear case half causing pin-holes to develop in the soft thin magnesium shell. The oil evaporates out of the transfer case. This happens so gradually that you probably don't realize it until there has been sufficient damage done to the internal mechanisms. We call this the oil pump rub.

Our special replacement rear cases for the rear of these transfer cases fixes that issue. They are made of heavy grade aluminum, not thin magnesium. In addition, these replacement upgrades correct a snap ring groove problem and require no adapter plate. You will appreciate the durability and craftsmanship built into these parts.

Order your replacement part by calling 800-683-7623.

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